By re-contextualising different spaces - physical, bodily, auditory -
hyui ines rmi creates works that peel multi-layers of our present beings
through sound, text, performance and installation ;
often resulting in a poetic cake of unconscious and conscious crux.

Influenced by hir textural upbringing in U.S. and S. Corea,
Hyui Ines Rmi accumulated experiences in various backgrounds
from the music, design and visual arts. After working in design and visual arts,

 she went on to fuse her past training in classical music with hir current
practice by creating site-specific audio-visual experiences in New
York. This particular endeavor triggered hir interest in exploring
different spaces and how sounds inhabit them. During hir participation
in European Postgraduate in Arts in Sound (, she was able
to explore the contextual relationship between sound and space more in depth.

She currently lives and works in Berlin.
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